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Today, we’re taking a look back at the boss time we had at Laces Out Fest on 16th November - did you swing by to see us? If so, welcome back, if not here’s what you missed!

Laces Out Fest turned 5 this year, we’ve been lucky enough to attend 3 so far with each one being bigger and better than the one before. Laces Out is a self professed one of a kind event, bringing together a mix of sellers with a shared love of trainers. You can find vintage, fresh out the box or rare kicks at a Laces Out festival. If you’re interested in attending a future Laces Out Fest, ticket prices start at £10 for general admission, £15 to jump the queue, or if you’re absolutely desperate to snap up some shoes, £20 for an Ultra VIP pass. 

You’re not just paying for the privilege to shop though, Laces Out hosts some panel talks too. Sounds a bit too grown up or boring, but it’s not at all. This year we all got to enjoy talks from Alex Vas of Sole Supplier, sharing his tips on getting ahead in the sneaker industry, with vintage trainer expert Jojo of Rag Parade, explaining the art of collecting sneakers, with even more talks from others in the industry too.



This years November fest was well worth the early dart, we started to set up at 8.30, 3 hours before it even started, check out the size of the queue! It was more than worth it though, we had a brilliant day. Can we have a drum roll please for our best sellers……. NIKE AIR MAX 95 NEONS (obviously). Everyone wants a pair of those, we think they deserve to be recognised in a blog post all of their own so stay tuned for that. 

Thank you so much to Laces Out Fest for having us attend, they looked after us so well, even in the weeks approaching the event. With any luck, next time, we will make the after party. That wasn’t possible this year with all our stock, but watch out we will be back. 



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