Block P Hoodies

They’ve been in the making for over a year, we’re so happy to announce that This Friday (27/11/20), over on Instagram and our website we’re finally dropping our hoodies! 


If you’re a follower or a fan already, you’re going to love these. There are four designs, in a mix of front or back prints - all made with trainers, sneakers and Block P customers in mind. You’re going to want one of these if your planning on buying a pair of Nike Air Max 95 Neons on the re-release on the 17th of December!
We definitely over estimated how easy making these would be. The time and effort that has gone in to these has been ridiculous but worth it. Our original plan was to drop both caps and hoodies this year, but given how much work had to go in to designing, sourcing and producing these, it didn’t make sense to provide more items if it meant we had to rush and compromise on our vision. In order to get the quality and standards to meet our high expectations and bring you the sick quality you deserve and expect from our brand, we decided to leave the caps for another time. We can assure you, the material, size, style and fit of our hoodies is second to none.
There will be a limited quantity of the hoodies available for now, but don’t worry, in the future you can expect more products from us for example, a variety of different hoody colours and more. After these have sold and we have made our drop, our Instagram and focus will return primarily to trainers again for a while - rest assured though, we will be working hard in the background to release more stuff some time next year.
Be sure to tag us in your pictures when you receive your hoodies, and a huge thank you to the customers for your loyal support, and especially our designers, photographers, videographer and creative director for your hard work and bringing our vision to life this past year. 

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