Air Max 95 “Koi / Fishscales DQ3979-001


The new Japanese Koi / Fishscales Air Max 95 in grey, are another hotly anticipated drop from Nike. With the Air Max 95 design going strong for over 25 years, and growing more popular year upon year, a fresh take on a classic print, is sure to be another sell out.


The Koi Fish Air Max 95s are the latest in a long line of Nikes much loved colour ways. The last few years saw Nike fans world wide go wild for the revival of the neon designs, but this years drop has a much more muted colour story. Officially identifying as grey, the Japanese Koi 110s are a monochromatic mix of grey, black, white, pure platinum and a pop of red, in the fish scale texture seen before in a number of Nikes previous trainers.


With both a textured black leather first panel and toe box, a canvas second and third panel, combined with a suede panel on the fourth, expertly aligned in the monochromatic blendthese are bound to age well. The Koi Air Max 95s also sport a sturdy design on the swoosh, with a black stitched trim surrounding the stitched white tick, its a nice touch we dont often see.The whole design is reminiscent of the 2019 granite 110s, but with the added elements of the reflective lace loops, the Koi Fish lining on the insole, on the outsole and the heel tab. The Nike logo is embossed in red across the heel tab, the red is also prominent on the tongue, the outsole and the air unit bubbles. The red used here in the Japanese Koi Fish Scales design is more reminiscent of the sports red, as opposed to the solar red, in keeping with the natural colours of the fish itself. It would have been nice to see the monochromatic colour way used in gradient lace loops, as seen in the original koi design. However, its exciting to see the extra quality materials and attention to detail, reminiscent of those used in the 2019 Day Of The Dead release, theyre going to be a future grail.


The rumoured release date for the Koi grey Air Max 95s here in the U.K is just around the corner on 14th October, but as always Nike officials are tight lipped about the official date to the general public. The 110s are expected to retail for £170, with resale prices already appearing to be reaching around the 250 mark. As always, here at BlockP HQ, were well prepared to keep our customers up to date and well stocked with your favourite footwear.


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