Things are off to a boss start for Block P this year.

Things are off to a boss start for Block P this year. We ended 2020 with a bang following the last drop of the neons, a sell out as per.

That spring boarded us nicely in to 2021, where we have a lot to report on. Block P have moved, we’re now based in a smart new office, where soon we will be welcoming in customers old and new to have private appointments to find for you exactly what you want. Moving and growing Block P has been made much easier with getting our new recruits on board who’ve worked hard behind the scenes on the website (keep an eye out for our new look), sourcing products to stock and everything else that keeps us up and running.

We’re so excited to have landed a highly sought after collab with a new supplier in Italy. Some of you may know of him already, but we aren't naming names, all you need to know is he is working exclusively with just Block P to provide us with exclusive drops that other accounts don’t even know are for sale…stay tuned.

So what’s next? ALL KINDS, we’ve got a trip planned soon to make another promo video for our store. Think like what we did in Amsterdam, but better. We’re planning to put out much more content too outside of Instagram, you’ll be seeing more of us on Youtube and here on the blog. More blog content is gonna fit in nicely since we’re also working on rebuilding the website. 

Keep an eye on our Instagram, you’re gonna be seeing very soon some more exclusive collabs that will shock you. In the coming months we’re getting ready to bring you all some more raffles and give-aways, with ridiculous prizes to be won. 

If you’re interested in being part of our exclusive resell group, we’re working on that too, but we will come back to that another time…

We’re introducing so much new stuff, products and content, but don’t worry, all the classics like the 95’s, 97’s, 2016’s, Vapormaxes and more will still be available.