Nike Air Max 95 Neons 2020 Drop

The Nike Air Max 95 Neons have been repurposed over ten times, after the original release we’ve seen drops in ’97, ’98, ’03, ’06, ’08, ’10, ’12 and ’15, with a very limited amount released in a USA exclusive drop in 2018, 2020’s drop was so hotly anticipated, especially in Liverpool. Even the police were called to manage crowds outside of Size! on Bold Street. 


Like every Neon release before it, and probably every release to come, the Neon drop was hyped and common topic of conversation. Nike chose to drop the 2020 Neons via third party stores such as Size! and Seven Store however not on the Nike website or App. Considering the drop was so widespread, it was no mean feat to get your hands on a pair. A lot of people entered the raffles and got them that way, most of us just hoped for the best, which wasn’t easy since there were rumoured release dates that never came, it went on for what felt like weeks before actually getting hold of a pair. If you didn’t get a pair, you’re not alone, a lot of people are still waiting and hoping for another drop.

If you did get the Neons, how have you found yours? We noticed like many other people, Nike let the quality slip a bit this time round, with some edges unfinished with glue and the odd bit of loose thread, easy enough sorted so we didn’t mind. The little defects didn’t stop you all wanting them and shopping for them, we had more pairs than stores including Size!, we sold over 150 pairs (some of which we paid over retail price for).

The demand has been so high, especially for sizes 8-11. Every single pair we’ve had in stock in sizes 8 and above, have sold the very same day they came in to stock, with pairs going for £250. Other resellers have asked for more and we could have too, but we chose to not get ridiculous with it. 

Nobody is sure if or when there’ll be another restock, so come follow us on insta - for exclusive updates, more drops, exclusive offers and giveaways to come….

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