How We Started

After reaching a milestone, breaking 15,000 Instagram followers during quarantine, it seemed like a good time to discuss our story. In this blog, we’re going to be taking a look at where Block P started, and how we’ve managed to progress. 
I always had a lot of trainers, buying and selling them was more about having a better rotation in my collection, buying and selling was the way I could own as many pairs as possible. Selling trainers has never been about making money, it’s just a great bonus that I get to be involved in something I love, and make money from it, and it all started from the first item I sold on Depop - a pair of Blue Air Max 95’s for £50 on 04/10/2017. We grew Block P into a brand the same time we were also trying to grow other brands on Instagram and Depop (With small help). However, we have taken a step back from clothing to concentrate solely on The Block P, as our clothing was sold through on other social media accounts, we found we were always drawn back to Block P being our primary focus, we wanted to concentrate on just that. 
As you can see, as far as picture quality goes at least, we’ve came along way, one of many improvements we've made along our journey! 
We’ve grown in other ways too, especially after our first time attending Laces Out Fest on 24/03/18 (back when we used to get 15 likes on a post), we decided it’s time to either go hard or go home. After seeing all the stores with their stalls, we quickly realised there was an opportunity here to grow as a brand, something that we could choose as a career, though we knew it would be risky we took a chance, and haven’t looked back. Now that our supplying of 90z has come to an end (temporarily), we have put more time into solidifying our relationship with our overseas supplier and our clothing line (two things you’ll definitely come to notice over the next few weeks).
Ever since then, we have pushed for growth every day. Not a day goes by where we don’t do something to progress the Block P brand in an onwards and upwards direction. It may not be something you as a follower can see but we want to let you know, more time and effort goes into supplying you with limited footwear then you think. We experimented a lot over time and we now have a great idea of exactly what products our customers want and your ideal price point. The main thing we believe that has made us stand out from other brands is our genuine love for what we do and the items we sell. It became clear to us on instagram in particular, who actually has a love for fashion and the products, and who is just in it for the money. This is clearer to see if you know what to look out for👀.
What a lot of people don’t know, is that approximately 70% of the profit made from Block P is reinvested back to the brand - it isn’t just stock either. That investment includes advertising, our YouTube channel, sometimes an Instagram post alone can cost us £20 for a professional designer to create it, edit the image and make it look as good as possible to provide the best experience for our followers. There are so many more things we do without giving to much away, rest assured we have a lot planned for these next few months, quaretine or not. We believe strongly in prioritising brand over profit, maybe even to much for our own good sometimes, as brand integrity is our most valuable asset and primary focus. 
Our Writer @Alchemybyamyuk

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