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In recent years, the custom sneaker community has experienced a surge in popularity, with a few designers distinguishing themselves through their unique and personalised approach to sneaker design. Among these standout individuals is Lorenzo G Federici, a U.K. based colour designer whose work has garnered approval from influential figures like Virgil Abloh.

Lorenzo has developed a distinctive style characterised by the use of pastel colours, which has gained significant attention on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. His signature technique involves hand-dyeing sneakers and Arc’Teryx jackets, earning him a dedicated following among sneaker enthusiasts and streetwear fans. These admirers are always keen to see which items will next feature his creative touch.

The latest item Lorenzo decided to work with was the Nike Air Max 95, having previously stated that this is his favourite sneaker. In anticipation of the highly awaited release of his Air Max 95s, the 'Air in Colour' exhibition was a celebration of St. Albans-born designer showcasing his first retrospective. The event, held in Soho, featured a wide array of Nike sneakers, each uniquely modified with Federici's 'Patented Colour Schemes'. Highlights included modified Off White Air Max 97s and one of our favourites here at the BlockP, the Top Boy Air Max 95s, showcasing the diversity and creativity of Federici's approach to sneaker design. More than customisation, his work reflects a deep commitment to innovation and style.

Now, let's talk about the drop. Much anticipation had built on how Lorenzo would be releasing the two Air Max 95s (Dusk and Volcano), and the drop did not disappoint. At around 9.30am on Saturday 27th January 2024, a location was shared on Lorenzo’s instagram -  @lorenz.og, and this was when the mad rush started. Hundreds of people rushed to the location, hoping to be given 1 of the 150 tickets available for a chance to be able to purchase either Air Max 95 for the old retail price of £110. But I know what you’re thinking, wasn't there only meant to be 100 pairs releasing? Why are there 150 tickets? Plot twist, having a ticket didn’t guarantee you a pair. The ticket got you a Tony’s Chocolate Bar, and inside 100 of these 150 chocolate bars was a golden ticket, which guaranteed you a pair. 

Let me tell you, tension was in the air as people opened their chocolate bars. Luckily, three of us at the BlockP managed to get a golden ticket, which secured our pairs. Inside the exhibition was amazing, and we were sure to cop some posters and t-shirts as well as our shoes. It was a great day out, and lovely to meet some 110 enthusiasts like ourselves. It was well worth the trip from Liverpool, and a massive congratulations to Lorenzo who was a class act and deserves all the success he receives. A true inspiration, and someone who is no doubt changing the game. 

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